Frequently asked questions

Should I buy more art supplies?

The best art supplies are always the ones you already have. As you experiment and learn, you can make more purchases, but in all honestly, more supplies can add confusion and can distract from the creative process. We strive to ignite your creative process, not bog it down, and we want your experience to be enjoyable.

Paint: Starting with the 3 primary colors of red, blue, and yellow plus white and balck is perfect They can be any variation of these 3 primary colors as these (plus white and black) are all you need to mix all your favorite colors and this allows you to learn color mixing along the way, too.

Sets of colors can be beneficial, too. Again, use what you have to start1

What art supplies do I need to start painting?

A list will be provided to you for each course / class, but if you want to get an idea, here is a basic list of items you may or may not need when getting started. Again, rummage through your house to find the basics as your starting point. And because art is a creative endeavor, everything on this list can be substituted....and artists love to recycle, upcycle, repurpose, and use found objects. So be creative!

  1. A few brushes of various sizes in flat and round.
  2. A cup or mug for water (or two!).
  3. A few cups, mugs or containers for storing your other art supplies.
  4. Rags, paper towels, or shop towels.
  5. An apron or oversized shirt to cover clothing.
    1. Note: Acrylic paint will only wash out if you do it when it is wet. Once it is dry it is permanent, so having a set of clothes for painting can also help alleviate worrying about clothes.
  6. A palette for paint: Can be a paper plate, palette paper, wax paper, plastic/glass palette
  7. A drop cloth on your floor (or old rug)
  8. Butcher paper or newspaper on your table. You can also use an old table cloth or old towels (note: plastic table covers allow water and paint to puddle, so it is best to have something that can absorb).
  9. Pencil/s for etching, sketching and writing
  10. Palette knives (an old butter knife or old credit card or hotel card key can work here, too)
  11. White pens (roller ball pens, Gelli pens, Posca brand, Sharpie brand, etc.)
  12. Black pens (Sharpie, Posca brand, Gelli pens, etc.)
  13. Paint Pens (various colors)
  14. Sponge brushes, make-up sponges, organic sea sponges, kid's shaped sponges
  15. Mark-making tools: This list can be really long, but a few of my favorites are bubble wrap, lids from bottles and containers of various sizes (circle templates), kids sponge rollers with patterns, etc.
  16. Stencils of any kind, but I tend to like the ones that make patterns more than the ones that make objects.
  17. Spray bottle for water
  18. Table or floor easel
  19. Canvases as needed (can be cloth or wood)
  20. Scissors, rulers, measuring tape can also come in handy sometimes
  21. Tapes of various widths can be useful (my favorite is Frog tape or painters tape)
Remember....this is a list of ideas and one to build over time....and never forget that improvising is a great way to also stretch your creative muscles!

Who can join the Family First Art Program?

Anyone can join Family First! No prior art or painting experience is necessary. At Sage Brush we believe the process of making art is more important than the outcome. It is about the time together that matters most....but, I assure you, you will astound yourself!

The course was initially designed for families with tweens and teens at home to help with these stages of growth and to help families stay connected. But, kids of all ages can do these projects with their families and it is especially fun to see families with large age gaps do art together to bridge those gaps and bring family members closer together.

Will this be time consuming?

Absolutely not! (unless, of course, you want it to be)

The beauty of on-line courses is that you can do these at your own pace and you never have to follow any suggested timelines. This allows you to make art when you can and when you can't, they will be there waiting for you with nothing missed.

Being creative is about making progress at any pace that is right for you.

Consistency is always encouraged as it is a habit that has to be learned in the beginning, just like everything else, but your pace is your pace and it should always be what is best for you.

What is the payment structure like?

We have the option to join any of our annual memberships at a monthly rate or for a discounted rate, you can pay for the entire year up front. You will have access to the courses as long as you are a member.

On-line courses are generally a one-time purchases and you will own this content for life.

Are the courses and classes live?

Nope! You can watch the pre-recorded lessons anytime you want.

The only time there is something live is the Live Q&A's or critiques in some classes. But, these are also always recorded to watch at any time that is convenient for you.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel whenever you like. Your membership is billed annually and you can choose to not renew at any time.

If you wish to cancel, you must do so before the next billing cycle.

Remember, you have access to the membership content as long as you are a member and you are also only required to pay the membership price you paid when you joined, even if the price increases.

If you leave the membership, then want to return at a later time, you will join at the current rate and not the lower rate you had previously.

Do I have to join the private Facebook group?

No, this is entirely up to you, but most of our members find a private Facebook group to be a safe place to ask questions and to grow and learn from others who are also going through the same course/class.

It is also a great place to be inspired and to connect with others who can provide feedback and encouragement. We are always better together!

All the Live Q&A’s will be within the private Facebook group, but the recordings will be available in your student portal.

Still have questions?

Send us an email and we will be happy to help at